Academia to instigate competence development as early as possible

Ensuring access to quality education to European & Chinese university students

In a world where technical information is only at a click of a mouse away, the role of the teacher is evolving, and simple knowledge transfer is no longer enough. The modern teacher needs to adopt a perspective centered around competence development, to provide students with performance-related competencies which will make a tangible difference in the work place.

MingBai Academia China Campus

The MingBai Academia China Campus is an education platform offering private foreign universities with an opportunity to send their students to China, for an academic semester.

Students are exposed to the Chinese culture, through cultural visits, mandarin courses, as well as calligraphy, paper cutting and other traditional Chinese activities workshops, while earning ECTS credits.

Digital Marketing, Social Media in China, Mobile Marketing, Value Creation, Cross-cultural Communication, the Asian Business Environment, Introduction to Finance, to mention just a few; with tailor-made academic programs ensuring the most accurate alignment with the curriculums in their home country institutions.

Our international faculty is compromised by individuals having between 10 and 20 years of international business experience, solid academic experience (minimum 5 years), and a sound understanding of the Asian Business Environment. Two thirds of our faculty is educated at Doctorate level.

English (French is possible, upon request).

In a era where access to knowledge is simplified by Internet, we strongly believe than a pedagogical shift, from simple knowledge transfer to competence development is crucial, to answer the needs of future employers. Organizations competing in an ever-changing and highly competitive global business environment, critically need young graduates who can demonstrate a greater sense of autonomy, initiative and pragmatism, from day 1.

Our Integrative pedagogical approach is centered around highly interactive and action-learning oriented classes, where content transfer is supported by real-world business case studies and students working on real projects. Class size is voluntarily limited to 25 to ensure the highest degree of engagement and the most effective learning environment.

The academic semester is hosted in modern and comfortable facilities, downtown Shanghai, with additional locations available in Beijing and Shenzhen, starting Sept 2018.

While the excellence of the faculty and its academic program is essential, we also realize that China is, culturally and linguistically-speaking, very different from other academic destinations.

Students are supported, throughout the academic semester, by our bilingual Students Liaison Officers, ensuring that day-to-day issues such as administrative paperwork, housing, security or medical concerns are handled promptly and effectively, with no added stress.