About Us

MingBai Consulting specializes in Organizational Dynamics advisory. Founded in 2004, we operate globally (and increasingly remotely) from our base of operations in Asia.

We support institutional and private clients with:

  • Leadership & Performance Coaching
  • Cross-cultural Interventions
  • Organizational Development & Change Management Consulting
  • Psychometric Solutions

Why do we partner with the ChallyTM?

With almost 15 years of experience with the system, we find that it is, by far, one of the most reliable and cost-effective solution available. Most importantly, it is one of the few truly predictive solution in the market. Whether be to decrease hiring costs, to enhance employee retention, to improve the effectiveness of T&D Initiatives, or to ensure your managers make the most efficient career or succession planning decisions, few solutions can rival with the Chally AssessmentTM system. Chally is also one of the few firms that engage in on-going research to ensure their solutions are future-proof, and enterprises-focused (as opposed to academic research-focused); and this, for close to 50 years.

Our principal:

A Scholar, Consultant, and Executive Coach, Dr. Behar-Courtois brings forward over 20 years of international performance improvement and change implementation experience. He has been involved in Management & Performance Change projects for green-field SMEs, Leading Multinationals, Government Bodies, and the United Nations System. He has formulated complete talent management strategies from designing Behavioral and Competency- based interviewing initiatives to defining competency models, establishing performance management systems and designing assessments solutions. 

Prior to settling in Asia in 2004, Dr. Behar-Courtois held several entrepreneurial and Senior Management roles with Leading SMEs and Multinationals, for over a decade, and was operating as a change-agent and performance development specialist in the USA, Europe, Africa and Asia, in a cross-industry and cross-cultural setting. 

Dr. Behar-Courtois has extensive experience with the Chally AssessmentTM system having delivered hundreds of hours of results debriefing sessions, implemented multiple Talent Audits, conducted a vast amount of job profile analysis, and led dozens of certification workshops, for clients worldwide. Dr. Behar-Courtois is a ChallyTM Certified Talent Analyst and one of a handful of ChallyTM Certified Master Certifiers in the world. 


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